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Proposal for the 5KSC Sailing Programme for 2020

We are seeking members opinion and sign up for a visit by YNOT to Orkney in 2020. Orkney is an archipelago off the north east coast of Scotland. It has a very long history of habitation with very well preserved stone age sites and was used by the Royal Navy during the first and second world wars. It is a wild place with many scenic locations and plenty of wildlife. Other visitor attractions include a couple of breweries and distilleries. For more information visit .

Exploring is helped by many anchorages and three marinas, two are on Mainland, at Kirkwall and Stromness, and a third at Pierowall on Westray. The flight from Westray to Papa Westray is famed as the shortest scheduled flight in the world. Scrabster marina on the Scottish north coast is a short sail away and can be linked with the other ports to make an attractive cruising week. Some have likened cruising Orkney to cruising the Channel Islands, it is necessary to make good use of tidal flow, but the advantage is that the tidal ranges are much smaller

The proposed base for YNOT will be Kirkwall and the journey from the Clyde, can be split into three legs, with the first being the Clyde to Oban. The second would be Oban to Inverness through the Great Glen: Loch Linnhe to Fort William; Neptune’s Staircase into the Caledonian Canal; Loch Lochy and a canal link to Loch Ness; and finally another short stretch of canal to Inverness. Oban to Fort William is about 30 miles and the inland waterway section to Inverness is about 60 miles.

The final leg would be from Inverness to Kirkwall, a distance of approximately 115 sea miles. There are two marinas on route, Helmsdale is about 43 miles from Inverness and Wick a further 29 miles.  The final stretch is 46 miles from Wick to Kirkwall. Stromness, about 18 miles from Kirkwall airport, could be an alternative Orkney base.

The proposed changeover ports will be Oban, Inverness and Kirkwall. On a Saturday there are seven trains from Glasgow to Oban and eight trains to Inverness. Journey times are just over 3 hours to Oban and around 3.5 hours to Inverness. The easiest way to get to Kirkwall is by air there are two flights per day ( ) from Glasgow and the cost per flight, in August, is currently around £95. Flights from Edinburgh are also available.

At the moment dates are being determined by a request to use YNOT in the HMRC regatta from Largs in the second week of September. Working backwards from this date gives an outline programme in the following form. A delivery trip from Liverpool or Conwy to Largs in the last week of May. Training for Competent Crew and Day Skipper, Inshore Skipper Scheme and chartering on the Clyde during June. The journey north from Largs to Kirkwall during the first three weeks of July. Chartering from Kirkwall for the remainder of July and first three weeks of August. A return to Largs during the remainder of August and the first week of September. The return to Liverpool would be in the third week of September.  Precise dates will depend on the demand and travel options.

The combined outward and return transit fee for YNOT on the Caledonian Canal will be less than £460. Since using the canal is integral to the overall plan it is proposed that there will be a levy on all crews sailing north of Oban. Given the dates indicated this should work out at £46 per crew, but the exact details and cost allocation will be determined by the 5KSC committee.

The committee would like feedback on this plan, because it will only work if we have enough crews to fill the 10 or 11 weeks north of Oban. If you are a CSSA skipper and interested in the Orkney plan then please get in touch with 5KSC by putting ORKNEY and your preferred dates in the subject line of  an email to the 5KSC crew bureau at . Please put any comments and preferred legs in the body of the email.

However If you would prefer YNOT to return to the Western Isles please put HEBRIDES in the subject line of a blank email to the 5KSC crew bureau at .