Our Fees

Charter Type   Day Week Week
Crew of 5
Crew of 6
Extras Notes
Private Charter whole boat £237 £1659 £1659 £1659 na 1,2,3
Training / Seatime (5KSC Skipper) per person £48 £336 £336 na na 1,2,3,4
Training- External Trainer  per person £48



na £258 1,2,3,4,5
Inshore Skipper Scheme ( Day Skipper) per person £44 £308 £1540 na na 1,2,3,4,5
Club Cruise per person £44 £308 £1540 £1848 na 1,2,3
Racing/Skills honing on the Mersey per person £20 na na na na 1,3,6
Taster Day per person £42 na na na na 1,3
Overnight stay (no sailing, eg for AGM) per person £6 na na na na 1,3
 Spring & Autumn midweek private charter ( Monday night to Thursday night April, May, September & October)  per person  £27 na na  na  na   


* The charter type (and hence the fees payable) for some activities, e.g. delivery trips, are agreed between the skipper and the Crew Bureau


1) All sailing fees are based on bareboat charter fees. Racing/Skills honing is a half-day rate for Mersey sailing over high water. Gas and diesel is included in the charter fee.

2) Marina fees, harbour dues, etc. are payable by the crew.

3) Day membership for non-CSSC members is set by the CSSA and is chargeable in lieu of Full or Linked Membership fees to all non-members of CSSC using CSSA yachts at £8 per day (£56 per week)

4) For Sea Time/Training, the crew covers a 5KSC skipper’s berth fee. The skipper will contribute to all other cruising expenses (marina fees, food, etc.)

5) For external training, the crew’s Extras cover External Trainer fees and expenses and include £10 per person/day for food.

6) Racing is with Liverpool Yacht Club (LYC) and there is a £5 entry fee payable to LYC for non-members of LYC